Cultivating Community Relationships

Cultivating Community Relationships

True success is only possible when you care about people, their needs and their goals. Over the years, I have worked hard to cultivate lasting relationships with clients, fellow realtors, builders, developers, contractors and local businesses — all kinds of talented professionals with whom I’ve fostered great relationships.

One of the best products of having these relationships is what it allows me to pass along to my clients. I know so many talented and caring people in this industry and around the community — so when my clients have a particular need, I am able to make connections for them.

This is especially true for clients who have just relocated to the area and are still getting to know the city and the people. I love welcoming them to my hometown and helping them find someone who can assist them with whatever they are looking to accomplish.  Home renovations. Landscape or interior design. Painting. I have a trusted network of people that I know I can count on to handle any task. In addition to talented artisans and craftspeople, I’ve also surrounded myself with fantastic local restaurant, shop and business owners. When it’s time to take a break from house hunting, renovating or selling, I am always happy to make recommendations for dining, shopping and local activities!

One of the most important relationships I have built in the local community is my friendship with Nick Wilson of 1618 Concepts — a popular restaurant group in Greensboro, NC. I am thrilled to have had Nick as the first guest on my podcast! Nick and I have been great friends since 2004 and I have been privileged to see his restaurant business grow over the years.  I love sharing the spirit of Greensboro with newcomers and recommending spots like 1618. I know that when I send my clients to Nick’s restaurant they will have an amazing dining experience. Nick often recommends me to his guests as well. It is amazing to partner with local community stakeholders in this way and to help one another succeed and support the economic development of our community.

There are so many other people that help me succeed daily — including my outstanding team, who helps me manage the details to ensure that nothing is overlooked for my clients. Without a doubt, cultivating meaningful relationships has been critical to my success. Thank you to everyone I am so fortunate to have on my side and in my circle. Your partnership means the world to me.

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