How to be a luxury realtor

How to be a luxury realtor

I love being a luxury realtor, and consider it an honor to have the opportunity to partner with luxury buyers and sellers to help them reach their real estate goals. I am driven. Not by money — but by the success of my buyers and sellers. And by building great relationships across the community and the industry.

In Greensboro, we have a small pool of luxury buyers and we are striving to develop relationships with those interested in owning luxury properties. We are such a well-kept secret that many luxury property seekers are unaware of the excellent opportunities we have to offer here.

As a luxury realtor, I provide my luxury clients with the same service as my other clients, but luxury properties come with a few extra bells and whistles that help highlight distinctive details of the property:

  • List properties in luxury publications and online listing services. To make sure I am reaching potential buyers that may be living outside of the general area or even internationally, I list properties in luxury publications and online listing services that reach potential buyers all over the world. These publications and online listing services highlight the special details of a property and ensure that the property is getting the exposure it needs to be seen by the perfect buyer.
  • Develop luxury brochures. For all my properties I create a brochure showcasing the special spaces and one-of-a-kind details of a home, but for luxury properties I work with my marketing team, Tigermoth Creative, to design brochures that showcase the home’s story. Tigermoth Creative interviews the homeowner to tell the story of the home and pairs the story with design and professional photography to create a beautiful display piece that I can proudly handout to potential buyers and other agents.
  • Capture professional drone images. In brochures, ads and even on online services, we include drone images of the entire property because million dollar properties in Greensboro typically have very impressive overhead features — outdoor pool and entertaining areas, impressive acreage, sports complexes and more!
  • Add virtual 3-D Matterport tours to online listings. It’s so fun to be able to walk through a home from the comfort of your own home! I love adding 3-D Matterport tours to my luxury listings online so that potential buyers can easily get a feel for the home.
  • Promote luxury listings on social media. I share all of my properties on social media, but will often share my luxury properties multiple times to highlight the outstanding features of the home. I enjoy engaging with people on social media and seeing the conversation develop on luxury posts.
  • Host luxury property events. When you are inviting people to see a luxury property you want them to remember their experience. I love throwing events at some of my luxury properties to create a one-of-a-kind experience for guests. It’s great to think outside the box — once I held an event with fire dancers so that guests would remember the fantastic pool and outdoor entertaining area!

Even though I have a large focus on luxury clients, I also work with every price point, and believe that everyone deserves excellent service because buying and selling a home is one of the biggest things most people do in their life. It means so much to me when people are happy and satisfied with their experience, and it’s an honor to be able to help people buy and sell homes.

If you have questions as a buyer or seller, I would love to hear from you — reach out to me at 336-337-5233 or

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