Tapping into the potential of your home town

Tapping into the potential of your home town

My hometown, Greensboro, NC, offers such a great small-town feel along with just about everything a bigger city has to offer. Plus — so many new things are always coming soon! At the moment, we are looking forward to the addition of the Steven Tanger Center, The Rotary Club of Greensboro Carousel at the Greensboro Science Center and the continuation of one of the largest festivals in the world, the NC Folk Festival. 

As a real estate agent and a community member, it’s important to me to stay in touch with all of the activities we have available to us in Greensboro, and I continue to find new and exciting opportunities each day! In my latest podcast with the mayor of Greensboro, Nancy Vaughan, I learned about Skywild, a ropes course with varying levels of difficulty located at the Greensboro Science Center and also about one of Guilford County’s newest parks, Keeley Park/In addition to a disc golf course, Keeley will be the first adaptive park for people in wheelchairs (construction is already underway!). 

With the added bonus of lakes, trails, botanical gardens and parks and the Greenway, there is something for everyone in Greensboro. 

This is the kind of city in which we value and take pride in our community — and we want to share our community with others. I love helping new buyers and those new to the area lay down roots here. I take my role as an agent very seriously no matter what kind of buyer needs my expertise. For example, l love helping renters become homeowners because homeownership is such an important part of building generational wealth within families. Our city has some great benefits to buying a home —  the 10-year affordable housing program and the downpayment assistance program are just two examples! 

I know that new home buyers and new residents need as much information as possible before they make the exciting purchase of buying a home. That’s why I work to stay informed, and I do that in a number of ways: I stay in touch with knowledgeable people in the city, follow several local accounts on social media, closely watch all news outlets and regularly talk with the movers and shakers in the area. The more I know, the more I can help my buyers make excellent decisions about where and how they want to live.

It’s a great feeling to help people find their first home or their first home in a new area! There is nothing quite like seeing my clients’ faces light up when they walk through the door and know they are home. If you are looking to buy a home in the Greensboro area, I would love to help you! Reach out and let’s get started. Greensboro locals — what is your favorite part about our city? Let me know in the comments below so that I can share it with the next buyer who’s getting to know our great city! 

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