How the Downtown Greenway is changing the game

How the Downtown Greenway is changing the game

How the Downtown Greenway is changing the game

Finding what to do in Greensboro is never the problem — finding a way to get around, however, can be. But The Downtown Greenway, a project that began two decades ago and is finally nearing the finish line, is changing the game for our car-free community members.

On this week’s episode of Melissa Unscripted, Dave and I were joined by guest and Downtown Greenway project manager Dabney Sanders. Dabney, who has worked on the Greenway since 2007, shared some of the features of the Greenway, as well as some of the ways it has already begun to reshape downtown Greensboro.

The Downtown Greenway is a four-mile loop that surrounds downtown Greensboro, connecting many of the area’ iconic trails and sites alongside eight different neighborhoods. Envisioned in a masterplan commissioned by the foundations behind Action Greensboro, the Greenway was designed as a multi-use trail that would define downtown Greensboro for years to come.

The path, which is currently in the process of completing its final mile, is marked by four major works of public art, each one placed at one of the four major corners of downtown. These act as entrances to the Greenway in addition to the various pathways that connect throughout — these pathways branch out into eight different neighborhoods; Warnersville, Dunleath, Ole Asheboro, Fisher Park, Westerwood, College Hill, the East Market Street corridor, and downtown Greensboro.

In addition to the art adorning each major corner, the Greenway has already begun to act as a social gathering place, an outdoor laboratory and a venue all in one. From tours to free exercise classes to gardening opportunities, the Greenway has something for everyone — even a public orchard planted with 18 different fruit trees and many other types of edible plants and a hops garden once used as an event location for Little Brother Brewing.

Another recent edition? Beehives, tended to by two professional beekeepers.

The diversity of the Greenway is bringing new life to downtown Greensboro; in addition to the over $500 million of private development that it has invited, it also provides a fun, unifying attraction for residents of all ages, both new to the area and old.

And this isn’t only something that’s happening in Greensboro — greenways are becoming a feature of more and more neighborhoods and acting as an attraction for buyers.

I know that it’s certainly been added to my list of amenities.

For more on this topic, I invite you to listen to the episode “Greensboro’s Downtown Greenway with Dabney Sanders” from my podcast Melissa Unscripted. You can find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio and more. Will you be visiting the Greenway? Let me know in the comments below!

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