Greensboro eats: seven places to broaden your horizons

Greensboro eats: seven places to broaden your horizons

There’s no question about it: I’m a foodie. Lucky for me and any other self-proclaimed foodies in the area, Greensboro is a great place to be. Filled with a huge array of cuisines both familiar and novel, our city is unique in its number of offerings. This week on my podcast Melissa Unscripted, my co-host Dave Wilson and I, along with my team members and special guests Natalie, Jaime and Jackson, discussed some of the places we’ve been checking out recently in our area. Here’s a breakdown of seven restaurants that are a must-try in Greensboro.

The Sage Mule

Open Wednesday to Saturday for breakfast and lunch and Sundays for brunch, The Sage Mule has mastered sweet and savory courses alike. With the proud slogan “From business lunch to boozy brunch, The Sage Mule’s got you covered,” this hip spot is sure to make your morning.

Saint Louis Saveurs

When you ask me about my favorite vacation, my answer will always be informed by the people I was with just as much as the places I went. Saint Louis Saveurs is a great example of an excellent thing made better by the people there. With authentic Senegalese food made fresh, my visit to this unassuming eatery was elevated by the warmth of the wonderful woman running it. While I didn’t catch her name, her passion for sharing her traditional food made this already delicious experience even better.

The Magnolia House

A living museum experience, the Magnolia House acts as a restaurant, historical site, events venue and bed & breakfast all in one. An original green book hotel, the restaurant section serves what they describe as “soulful, elegant Southern cuisine,” for brunch, lunch and dinner. Whether you’re looking to take a dive into local history, plan a small party or just have a family brunch, The Magnolia House is a Greensboro treasure.


This humble restaurant off of West Market Street serves traditional Korean eats. With both individual meals and shareable portions, this warm, homey cooking is the perfect spot for a delicious get-together.

El Mercadito

Famous for their baked goods, El Mercadito offers freshly-made, traditional Mexican pastries and tortillas alongside a delectable menu of hearty Mexican entrees. One of our favorites in the office is their steak torta — a steak sandwich made with lettuce, tomato, queso fresco, jalapeno and avocado on freshly baked bread, it’s a meal that will have you coming back for more.

Lucha Libre Ice Cream & Churros

In the mood for something sweet? Lucha Libre Ice Cream & Churros has you covered. With freshly made churros and artisan shakes, every treat at Lucha Libre is a work of art. If their house-made, loaded shakes aren’t quite what you’re looking for, no worries — they also have aguas frescas (fresh made fruit juices), paletas (ice cream bars) and more.

Pho Vien Vuong

One of my favorites, this traditional Vietnamese spot serves Vietnamese staples like pho, hot pot and vermicelli. With a delicious menu and Tuesday-Friday lunch specials, this casual spot always has me coming back for more.

What’s your favorite Greensboro eat? Let us know in the comments below — maybe Dave and I will get the chance to give it a try on our next day out.

To hear more about these restaurants, go take a listen to our latest episode “Foodies” from my podcast Melissa Unscripted. You can find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio and more.

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