Considering a career in real estate? This one’s for you.

Considering a career in real estate? This one’s for you.

Recently, Tommy Camp, my boss at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, joined me on my podcast for an honest and heartfelt conversation about real estate — and our talk led me to reflect on the industry today, why we chose this line of work, what we love most about it, and what makes an agent successful. Tommy is such an outstanding motivator and supporter and it was so great to have him as my guest. I know if you give the episode a listen, you’ll enjoy hearing his perspective.

In the meantime, here are some of my reflections based on our conversation. If you are a veteran in the industry, you’ll be reminded of some of the reasons why our job is so rewarding. If you are just starting out, I hope this post will help frame your thinking as you set out on a path to great success!

What’s your core value?
There are a million reasons why you might be considering a career in real estate. My fellow agents and I have arrived at our jobs through many different paths. I initially wanted to be a flight attendant, but ended up in real estate with my mom. For me, “home” has always meant a great deal. My mom instilled in me the importance of home since I was a little girl, and I grew up watching her help neighbors and friends find their homes too. I didn’t fully understand the impact a real estate agent can have on a person’s life until I began my career many years ago, but when I started out, my mom told me something that has stayed with me all these years. She emphasized that real estate should never become just a transaction. People’s homes are their havens, their shelter, their memories. They are sacred and deserve respect — and no matter how busy we become as agents, we must never forget what “home” means to our clients.

As you dip your toes into real estate – or prepare to jump in – remember the importance of the service you’re providing to your clients. This is more than a sales job. Tommy reminded me on the podcast that for over 90% of the people we serve through BHHS, their home is the largest single asset they will own in their lifetime. We’re helping them find a place to create memories, to keep them warm and safe, and to pass on to their loved ones, serving as the foundation of their family’s financial health and well-being.

On the podcast, I asked Tommy what brought him into real estate, and he shared that he changed careers and began selling homes on a whim. His “why” was important — he wanted to stay rooted in his community instead of picking up and moving every few years. From that core value, he has built a tremendously successful career. I think many agents have a similar story: They have a defining moment where their path brought them to their first listing, client or sale. From that “first,” you begin to build your career, and hopefully it is with a company that fits you well.

Are you with a company that fits the impact you want to make?
One of the best things I’ve done was find a company that aligns with my values while still encouraging me to build my personal brand. From the time I joined Berkshire Hathway I have been all-in with their vision – and promise – of making great neighbors. We want to be a key factor in people’s lives. Community relationships are huge for us because we believe, deep down, that you have to be good to the community that is good to you. That’s why our promise is “we make great neighbors” — how we do business matters to us. Like Tommy says, two characteristics make BHHS’ top performers stand apart in the industry: empathy — the care and concern for others that matters so much — and the drive to succeed.

Berkshire Hathaway supports my drive to be the best agent I can be. For many years, I’ve been building my brand through social media, this blog, and of course, my podcast with the help of my friend Dave Wilson from Tigermoth Creative. You can listen to Melissa Unscripted on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio and more. I am thankful to Tommy and the BHHS team celebrates my growth and successes.

Overall, if you’re reading this and considering a career in helping people find a place to call home, remember that there will be highs and lows – but if you stay true to yourself, your values and your vision, you’ll find reward here.

If this blog rings true for you, I’d love to hear from you. Reach out to me in the comments below and get in touch! I feel so fulfilled by this work and I think you will too.

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